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Online Tool to Verify a South African ID Number

With this tool, you can easily check if a South African Identity Number is valid.

How to Validate a South African ID Number With PHP

If you have a website or app that requires users to submit their South African ID number, you will definitely want to make sure it’s valid.

Create a Lightbox Photo Gallery With JQuery

Lightboxes are a great way to display your photo gallery and super simple to implement. Learn how you can create your own with JQuery.

Latest Posts

How To Apply Volumetric Weight Shipping Fees in WooCommerce

Discover how to apply volumetric weight calculations in WooCommerce to optimize shipping costs and streamline your process.

JavaScript Performance: Best Practices and Tools for Optimisation

JavaScript performance plays a critical role in determining the user experience of your applications so it’s essential to optimise.

Understanding DOM Manipulation: A Beginner’s Guide

In this beginner’s guide, we’ll delve into the fundamentals of DOM manipulation, providing practical examples to illustrate its usage.

Build a Basic Login System Using PHP and MySQLi

Learn how to create a login system in PHP including creating a database table to store user credentials, implementing the login form, validating user input, and handling authentication.

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Turbocharge your WordPress website’s speed and performance with these essential optimisation techniques!

How to Import a CSV as a JavaScript Object

Learn how to convert CSV data into JSON (a JavaScript object), so you can manipulate it, perform calculations and display it as you see fit.


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