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How to Validate a South African ID Number With PHP

If you have a website or app that requires users to submit their South African ID number, you will definitely want to make sure it’s valid.

Online Tool to Verify a South African ID Number

With this tool, you can easily check if a South African Identity Number is valid.

Infinite Scroll & “Load More” With JQuery and PHP

Infinite scroll is a great way to increase page load times by excluding content until a user is ready to see it. This article explains how it can be done.

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How to Import and Validate a CSV File in PHP

CSV is one of the most universal methods of exporting and importing data between apps and platforms, so knowing how to import them into a PHP web app is crucial and super simple to achieve.

Make Your HTML Buttons More Attractive With These CSS Animations

Spruce up your HTML buttons with these easy-to-implements css animation techniques that will make your website designs more attractive.

How to Merge Two or More Arrays in JavaScript

Combining arrays can make certain tasks and data easier to handle. In this quick tip, we’ll use the concat() JavaScript method.

Create a Lightbox Photo Gallery With JQuery

Lightboxes are a great way to display your photo gallery and super simple to implement. Learn how you can create your own with JQuery.

Authenticate and Safeguard Your Laravel API With Sanctum

Laravel Sanctum makes it super easy to add authentication to your Laravel API. The whole process can be set up in less than 10 minutes and provides a way to manage both your authenticate and unauthenticated routes in an organised manner.

Create a Custom Alert and Confirmation Dialogue With PHP and JQuery

In this article, we’ll create our own JavaScript alert and confirmation and style it because the standard doesn’t allow custom styling.


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